NetSuite Services and Support

NetSuite Services





At Excelym, we specialize in business leading Cloud technology. NetSuite Services are a strong specialty of our Functional and Technical team. We have a complete array of services ranging from consulting to implementation to integration.

Whether you need to implement 3PL integration, Point of Sale, eCommerce or any other 3rd party integration, we can connect our proprietary middle tier technology to enable seamless business processes and customer journeys. Our team is fully capable with regards to module creation, customization to allow for stronger accounting and revenue recognition. Our analysts are strong and trained on the latest NetSuite has to offer.

NetSuite Services:

  • Custom Product/Module/ Add-on App Development
  • Integration Services (3PL, eCommerce, CRM)
  • Specialized Customizations
  • Assessment/ Discovery
  • Guided Virtual NS Implementation/ Re-Implementation
  • Shared On-Site NS Implementation/ Re-Implementation
  • Consulting and System Support

NetSuite Support

Managed NetSuite Support Offering – Consulting and Support

NetSuite SupportOur NetSuite Support Offering includes metrics reports indicating issue performance. Our leadership will reach out directly to customers quarterly for performance reviews, improvements, and continued excellence in our operations.

We have trained NetSuite support specialists capable of supporting all Product Areas.

Excelym also has a predictable cost structure and retainer service. See package offering below. With packaged solutions we can allocate a more dedicated team and also cover some scripting and data needs.

For advanced NetSuite customization and/or integration to third party systems such as Payment Processors, 3rd Party Systems such as SaleForce, or Logistics Providers (3PL), we offer a project delivery team. These efforts are typically fixed bid.

Planned Support

  • BASIC SUPPORT monthly plan
  • 40 Support Hours per month
  • Access to Advanced Scripting
  • Non Critical Support – Pre Scheduled
  • Response or resolution within 72 hours
  • Inbound: Email, Help Center
  • 80 Support Hours per month
  • 12 hours applicable to Advanced Scripting
  • Non Critical Support - Pre Scheduled
  • Response or resolution within 72 hours
  • Inbound: Email, Help Center
  • ENTERPRISE SUPPORT monthly plan
  • 160 Support Hours per month
  • 40 hours applicable to Advanced Scripting
  • Dedicated during client business hours
  • Response or resolution within 24 hours
  • Email, Help Center, Chat, Phone

Rollover Terms

Up to 30% of contracted plan hours will roll over to the following month if unused. Rolled over hours will not compound. Unused hours for a given month will not roll over if the next month’s service is terminated.

NetSuite Support Retainer Services

This support plan is available for customers that have reached systems and process stability, that no longer have a steady need for support, and who are comfortable with less available hours and who do not need critical systems support coverage.

For these customer we also recommend our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services in order to drive further cost optimization and achieve business and/or product focus.

  • Consultative Support

    Trained NetSuite  personnel are available to solve NetSuite related questions or issues.

    • Aggregate and Manage All Inbound Support Requests:  Phone, Email, Web Portal/ Help Center and Chat
    • Workflows
    • User Guidance, Training
    • Complex Data Import/ Export
    • Data Cleanup and Merging (In NetSuite only)
    • KPI’s
    • Dashboards
    • Reports
    • Analytics Builder
    • Saved Searches
    • Forms Customization
    • New Version Release Preparation

    Note: If the Support Ticket requires technical programming work involving integration code troubleshooting to actual coding, Excelym will provide a fixed-price Quote/ Project Estimate for such SOW/ job

  • Advanced Scripting

    Trained NetSuite developers are available for advanced SuiteScripting/ customization work. These Advanced Scripting pay as you go services are only available with a packaged support subscription.

    • User-event scripts – Triggered when users work with records and data changes in NetSuite
    • Suitelets – Create dynamic user interfaces using server-side logic
    • Scheduled scripts – SuiteScript logic to run as part of a schedule
    • Client scripts – Can be used to easily validate user-entered data within the user’s browse
    • Portlet scripts – custom dashboard content and even enable external data-feeds on NetSuite dashboards via RSS, HTML and more
    • A bundle installation script, a specialized server SuiteScript is executed automatically in target accounts when a bundle is installed, updated, or uninstalled.
    • Workflow action scripts


Support Request acknowledgement will be immediate, and email alerts can be set-up for status updates. The Web Portal/ Help Center will also be a central source of status and other support information.