Many businesses face these questions:

How much will it cost me yearly for NetSuite? What does NetSuite Pricing look like from a licensing perspective? How will I get NetSuite Implemented? There are several areas that will feed into your first year costs and your long term cost structure. Educate yourself before you buy.


How do we get to a full understanding of NetSuite pricing and associated implementation costs?

Here are a few questions we need to answer to really understand NetSuite Pricing.

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The principle behind Agile is being adaptive to business needs by providing an iterative framework that allows for adapting to change. Change can be in either the business priority, change in schedules, change in team, or any other type of project change. So how do you go about delivering a cloud ERP¬†implementation with Agile? First, let’s understand a little more about what Agile is. Continue reading

NetSuite vs Odoo

Cloud ERP Wars: NetSuite vs. Odoo / OpenERP - A Total Cost of Ownership/ TCO Analysis

“The next ERP technology evolution is underway, driven this time by customers. And like the last evolution, many of the existing ERP vendors are ignoring or are in denial..”

NetSuite vs. Odoo. Ready to find out more? Learn more about the total cost of ownership between OpenERP and NetSuite. Understand the benefits and pitfalls of each and make the right decision.


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